Website review

Website review and strategy session

Discuss website service, modification and upgrade options to ignite its full potential

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Your website has done a great job so far in supporting you to get from A to B. But you have a grand vision and need a suitable roadmap to create a new A to B.

Gain a thorough inspection

You have reached a pivotal point in business and your direction has become unclear. You have an online presence but you need to go back to the staging area for more than a lick of paint.

A TukTuk Website Review will scrutinise your site page by page and provide a clear direction to advance in.

  • Enhanced navigation features
  • Online shopping experience
  • Customer journey benefits
  • Data capture systems
  • Rich multimedia additions
  • Conversion processes

A TukTuk website review injects powerful improvements to your digital footprint. It will highlight ways to achieve a smoother ride to generate more enquiries and more sales. The focus is to finetune existing functions, improve navigation and impact visual appearance.

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Who is a website review for?

A TukTuk website review is the ideal choice for established businesses ready to invest in the next level. Well-defined strategies will clear the road ahead to meet business objectives and budget.

Reasons why clients are looking for a website review

SEO inspiration and training

You may want to push your website further with the search engines and climb through their ranks – great.

But, did you know search engines are working really hard to give your customers and potential customers the best possible websites.

So, with this in mind we like to get to the bottom of what you do and how you do it. We ask how your website could improve your customer journey and could your website be used as a business tool to save your time on admin.

With this strategy as a starting point, we find it’s a great way to support your current sales process.

Imagine after sales calls and meetings you were able to send warm and friendly follow-up emails that contained links to blogs and FAQs where you have answered their questions should they want to recap what you just discussed.

Or, when a customer asks you the same question that 10 others have already asked you that week, you could sign post them to your website so they can follow a step by step guide, or read about the topic or have their question answered.

As well as putting content on your website that not only your clients like but also the robots, we can also:

  • Review Google Search Console and Analytics data 
  • Review your website to look at the content and if it’s up to scratch
  • Basic training on writing page descriptions – know at meta titles and descriptions

PS, you don’t need to have the answers or the ideas, that’s where we come in.

Blogs and content ideas

You have the website, you are amazing at what you do – people even tell you so.

But still, you have no idea where to start when it comes to content.

You may even have more ideas than your brain can handle and have no idea where to start.

We can review your Google Search Console data and use our special website tool to  see where your website is ranking and what you are ranking for without even trying.

We can also look at what you do and how you do it and come up with ideas that complement your current sales and marketing strategy.

While in the meeting we can review any blogs that are on your website currently and give you some basic training on writing page descriptions – know at meta titles and descriptions.

Knowing what you don’t want in life is almost as helpful as having a five year plan. Vision doesn’t always mean you know exactly what you want to do or where you want to be in life; sometimes, vision is knowing where you don’t want to be in order to find where you should end up!

― Amanda Bernardo

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How to start your TukTuk journey

Book a Website Review and Strategy Session as the first step in the journey. After the session, you have the choice to implement the ideas and recommendations yourself or hire a TukTuk journey to take over the driving seat.


Review the experiences of previous TukTuk passengers and read their accounts of a successful trip

It’s handy to read about amazing journeys and see how brands benefitted after reaching their destination. We encourage you to learn more before deciding to trust TukTuk to look after your website.