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When TukTuk Creative Marketing first fired up the engines back in 2015 we met Willow Financial Solutions owner Becky Hammonds who mentioned in passing she was not keen on her current website and would like to have a new one at some point.

Roll on a few years and as Covid hit the world Becky decided it was time for that refresh.

Together with website copywriter Anna at Market Avenue, we brought the world of independent financial advice to life and not only showcased the services the team offered but also what pains the team solved.

Stoke-on-Trent Willow Financial Solutions offers advice whatever your situation and they are keen to help people to start making the right choices for their financial goals as early as possible. But we were very much aware that young professionals may not think they have a wealth to manage or an estate that needs looking after.

So, we broke potential customers down by what they might be planning to do:

In each of the pages, the potential client can now see what the team can do without having to know the solution that they need.

The design of the website steered away from stuffy and boring stock images that added no value and instead opted for brand-coloured illustrations. This helped to reinforce that the company is friendly and approachable.

Being an independent financial advisor meant that the website needed to conform to all of the compliance requirements, but this was done with only a few iterations to the text and functionality.


Reflecting on the website design project, Becky at Willow Financial Solutions said:

Why did you choose TukTuk?

I met Vicky through our NetworkIN Group and our relationship has built over time. Vicky had got to know me and understand me and my business and how I work. I trusted Vicky and the people that she works with to do a good job. She certainly has achieved that!


What were your concerns when you were choosing a website designer?

I wasn’t as I did not consider anyone else. I would have kept my old website had I have not met Vicky. I am so pleased with the results that she has achieved.


What feedback have you had about your website?

My employees and partner have looked at it and thought it was brilliant and reflects me and my business really well.


What could have been done differently?



Describe TukTuk and Vicky in three words

Awesome! Reliable! Talented!


Willow Financial Solutions

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Willow Financial Solutions are not a stuffy-suited and booted corporate team for a reason. When you want to plan for a better life – your own, your child’s, extended family and friends, or employees – a safe, comfortable and friendly environment is what you need. The team at Willow offers secure and impartial guidance where you can discuss ideas.

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