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TukTuk Creative Marketing supplied Michelle with a complete website redesign, development and new content to create a fresher, more modern online presence.

With a 75-year industry history, Stoke-on-Trent’s DPC Accountants required a website which was sensitive to its heritage, but which also moved the business forward.

The new online platform has enabled Michelle and her team to add more news stories to their site, make better reference to DPC’s CSR commitment and activities, and the introduction of a Meet the Team page now showcases its directors more clearly.


Why did you choose TukTuk?

Our website was very outdated and generic. It was a simple white label website which was pretty much an ‘off-the-shelf’ design. It was ineffective and didn’t achieve what we wanted it to – which was to clearly display what we do, the support we can offer to businesses and the impact DPC has in the wider community.

TukTuk was referred to us by a former client of theirs – Kaye Massey from Listen To Your Team. Kaye had been very impressed with the team’s work and didn’t hesitate to recommend their services to us.

When I first met Vicky, I instantly felt that we were on the same page. She understood what we needed and what we needed to do to get there. She always had lots of ideas, and not just regarding the design aspects of the website. Vicky had clearly thought about how we could promote the website better, what we should include, and how we could grow the website ourselves once it had been designed. It was very much a holistic approach to website design – it encompassed everything!



Whenever we spoke to Vicky, she was always full of enthusiasm and ideas. It felt like they were always thinking of us and what would be best for our company.”


What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide website design and development?

DPC has been established for 75 years, which is something that we’re very proud of. We needed to find a website designer that could understand the importance of preserving our heritage, while understanding that we wanted to modernise the business. We were also going through a period of rebranding so needed some support with incorporating old and new elements of DPC into our website and literature.



How has TukTuk helped your business?

TukTuk has created a far more engaging and eye-catching website, which not only highlights our skills and specialisms to our clients, but also highlights our new branding. The team provided its invaluable ideas, support and expertise.



How would you describe your experience working with TukTuk?

Fantastic! From start to finish, our website probably took about a year, but the team were very patient with us. Whenever we spoke to Vicky, she was always full of enthusiasm and ideas. It felt like they were always thinking of us and what would be best for our company.


Have you received feedback regarding your website design?

Our website was only released last month, so although we haven’t had feedback yet, we’re thrilled with the redesign. The website was previously lifeless and now it’s interactive, visual and looks great. We’re looking to add monthly newsletters, four news items a month and, hopefully in the future, some blog posts.


Describe TukTuk in three words.

Professional, supportive and innovative


Michelle Coates – DPC Accountants

Who they are

DPC Accountants is an accountancy firm which offers both professional and personal financial services, from day-to-day business accounting and compliance, to specialist advice, taxation and auditing.

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