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On the face of it a website, but before that we needed to understand the programmes Ignition! offered, who it offered them to and who needed to know about them. As well as setting out the Ignition! programme the website also needed to tell potential coaches about how they could deliver Ignition! to the young people they work with.

Once the sitemap was planned out we commissioned Market Avenue to bring the words to life and and ensure the message was communicated well. TeeJay had a back of images included travellers and compass graphics which we added extra life to.

TeeJay also wanted to add a range of products to an e-commerce platform that could extend her offering to the global coaches and also sell her books. There was no budget for product photography so TukTuk set about doing some product mockups that really helped sell the products.



Why did you choose TukTuk?

I chose TukTuk because Vicky and the team did such an amazing job with my Back on Track Teens Website that they were the only choice for my new Ignition! website. I love the fresh ideas, the colourful interpretation of my creation and the brilliant copy that brings the whole thing together. AND – the fact that because Vicky and the team have got to know me, understand my work so well and get me – once the brief was in and the design began I had the pleasure of watching the brilliance unfold with minimal effort needed on my part.



Once the brief was in and the design began I had the pleasure of watching the brilliance unfold with minimal effort needed on my part”


What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide website design and development?

In the past, with previous projects I had to create a lot of the content, come up with all of the ideas, and be chasing the project every step of the way – exhausting! With TukTuk I could trust that it would be a pleasure to work with them, inspiring to see their expertise blend in to my business and benefit from their brilliance.


Have you received feedback regarding your website design?

It just launched and already people are commenting on the energy of the website. They love the boldness of the colours, the integration of the characters and ease of navigation and the targeting of information for the different clients it attracts. Very user friendly and engaging.


What could have been done different?

Different? Nope – It is wonderful 🙂


Describe TukTuk in three words.



TeeJay Dowe - Ignition! Creator

What it is

Ignition! is a programme using coaching, training, conversation and exploration designed specifically for young people to explore their personal development and help discover their identity.

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