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About This Project

What we did…

Panda Press and Panda Press Publishing approached scope, design and build the website and learning platform for Alive to the World.

The internal PSHE programme wanted a digital presence in the UK and also a way of securely delivering their KS1 teacher guides digitally.

As a charity organisation budgets were tight so we needed to weigh up all of the possible options that were on the table and advise of all the pros and cons of each solution.

As the projected was being developed, Covid-19 hit the world and we needed to pivot slightly, but what was produced is very user friendly and full managed by the client.

As part of the build we created:

  • A general website to inform schools and parents about the programme;
  • An online store to allow schools to purchase digital and hardcopy resources in packages as well as single copies;
  • A secure learning platform powered by LearnDash
  • Donation form linked with Stripe to allow people to donate to the charity;
  • Designed exercises for pupils to complete alongside their learning.

As Alive to the World ambassador Louise Kirk was writing the content herself, we were able to advice on subheadings and SEO benefits of content as well as what to say and how to say it.



Reflecting on the website project Louise from Alive to the World said:

Why did you choose TukTuk?

Vicky Stanaway was recommended to us through Panda Publishing who were already producing books for us.


…Vicky has been ace.


What were your concerns when you were choosing a company to provide website design and development?

I trusted Panda’s judgement. What I didn’t realise was that I would also benefit from having a web designer who was a good tutor in how to use the software, and in that Vicky has been ace.


What feedback have you had about your website?

All have been excellent. People have found the website attractive to look at, informative and easy to use. I would add that it works promptly and makes quite a lot of information easy to access.


What could have been done differently?

Nothing that I can think of – and I am sure that Vicky would listen if I suggested anything that could be changed. Vicky went to endless trouble to get to know us, our products and our very specific needs and to advise us accordingly. Her work for us has included setting teacher guides, creating colourful exercises for children to complete, and advising us on the learning platforms from which to sell our resources. This was complicated by having to take account of the demands of our parent charity, and Vicky has put her wide knowledge and resourcefulness in answering all of these.


Describe TukTuk and Vicky in three words

Brilliant, reassuring, friendly.


Alive to the World

Who are they?

A comprehensive programme of values education which supports relationships, sexual, and health education in a child-centred way.

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