About Us


TukTuk Creative Marketing offers clear and honest ideas and creations for brands in Staffordshire and beyond.

Inspiring Journeys happen on a TukTuk

Success rarely happens overnight and the mechanics of a prosperous business require regular oiling and tinkering under the bonnet.

TukTuk Creative Marketing takes brands on an inspiring journey drawing from over ten years’ experience in design, journalism and print.

With backup support from expert copywriters, photographers, code developers and marketing brains, you gain a professional shebang that equates to triumphant marketing.

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We like to think we offer our clients something a little different – take a look at some reasons we feel we’re a little special

Creative ideas

Developing a consistent, measured, yet intriguing, approach to your marketing will ensure longterm success. Before we push in the choke and rev up your online marketing there’s a brainstorming session to be had. Think of it a bit like an inspection. Together, we review what we have – what works and what doesn’t – and where there’s an opportunity to enhance your brand with tailored modifications. It’s your safety check and enhancement list to avoid diversions and ensure a smooth journey.

Passion for your business

TLC goes a long way when it comes to preserving the engine and body of a TukTuk. Attention to detail, researching the right components and tweaking things along the way guarantees endurance – the same can be said for your online marketing efforts.

We encourage communication and your TukTuk journey is open to a change in course if a diversion is required to maintain performance.

More than just a website

A website is no longer a virtual doorway to your business. It’s a virtual entity that can be your entire business. There’s still a place for the faithful info-brochure site but imagine what you could achieve with a functional, mobile responsive website or ecommerce store?

Creating a website from scratch to enhancing an existing site, your TukTuk journey is as versatile as you need it to be. And it’s not just pretty images. Functional features and accessible add-ons will turn any site into a powerful ROI (return on investment) hot hatch.

Ongoing support

Developing a flawless performance-driven website doesn’t end once the ignition is turned on. Your TukTuk journey benefits from ongoing support, packaged as an email advice series, crammed full of ideas and developments to keep you firmly in the driver’s seat.

The opportunity to invest in monthly graphic design enhancements and security upgrades will keep you on the straight and narrow and ahead of the curve.

Part of YOUR team

Being accessible and versatile is a modern day business requirement and sometimes it’s easier to work face to face to get stuff done. At TukTuk Creative Marketing we can be as adaptable as you need us to be. If you want us to come to the office to work and share our resourcefulness, that’s exactly what will happen.