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About Us


TukTuk Creative Marketing offers clear and honest ideas and creations for brands in Staffordshire and beyond.

TukTuk Creative Marketing was established to offer clients a graphic design service with a difference – we want to take brands on an inspiring journey. With more than 10 years’ experience in fields including journalism, marketing and print, owner Vicky Stanaway wanted to offer a service where clients were educated along the process so they to had a passion for what we were trying to achieve, with no jargon, just honesty and integrity.


Bringing together some of the best copywriters, photographers, developers and marketing brains we offer clients the full service and what’s better, because we are all independent businesses we really do care about clients and if projects are a success. For us it’s about more than just getting paid at the end of the job.

Graphic Design - we never stop learning0%
Clients with no passion for their business0%
Love of the job0%


We like to think we offer our clients something a little different – take a look at some reasons we feel we’re a little special

Creative ideas

All of our clients start with a brainstorming meeting where we come up with creative ideas to promote the brand.


We want our ideas to work and in turn our clients’ businesses to grow.

Ideas for your budget

Every business begins in a start-up we love these businesses and we have worked with many to help them get off the ground on a budget they can afford.

More than design

Our skills at the Mac are good, but so often what is created can be great, from websites, PR, photography and social media – we think of how to get the best out of your marketing budget.

Let’s create a wishlist

It’s unlikely we have a brainstorm with clients that only come up with one idea, so we create a wish list that not only we can work to, but add to.

Part of the YOUR team

We want to get right into the core of your business, that means we are happy to come to your office and work from there, that saves on many emails, and sometimes it’s easier just to look at something on screen and say what you want.

Want to brainstorm what’s next for your business? Then get in touch.