WordPress website training

Need guidance to operate the controls of your WordPress website?

1-2-1 support to navigate your WordPress website and keep moving forward

Wordpress dashboard on a macbook pro sat on coffee table

Access to the backend of your website is imperative and training will help you to feel confident.

Tailored WordPress website training at a level to suit you

We want you to be in control of your website and be able to use it as you would use email or a phone app – with ease. It’s not because you’ll be left on your own after the website has gone live, it’s because we want you to have complete transparency.

You don’t have to update your website either (there’s a TukTuk service for that) but if you want to learn we can show you the controls to:

  • Create a new page
  • Publish a blog post
  • Add an image
  • Make text changes
  • Add metadata
  • Basic SEO
  • Add testimonials

WordPress is not a complex system. Many of its themes have a drag and drop feature and a word processing layout. Most clients pick it up in no time once they have the confidence and know where to look.

iPad with keyboard showing Alive to the World, Philosophy page

Who is WordPress website training for?

1-2-1 WordPress training is ideal for anyone tasked with website management. We have trained business owners, sales and marketing personnel and apprentices in how to manage their websites.

WordPress Website Training is available to all TukTuk clients. We also offer training to new customers who have a WordPress website and full access.


How does it work?

Whether it’s for marketing purposes or administration updates, a TukTuk guide can walk you through the mechanics of the site. Basic training will cover pages, posts, plugins and settings. Advanced training includes Google search console and search engine optimisation techniques.