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TukTuk Creative Marketing provided Listen To Your Team with idea generation, business solutions, business cards, brochure creation, website development and logo creation. This has enabled Kaye to increase awareness of her business and its services, as well as raising the profile of Listen To Your Team.


Why did you choose TukTuk?

Before I started working with TukTuk, I didn’t have a website for Listen To Your Team. I’d used graphic designers previously, but I’d found them to be quite expensive for my needs.

Once I realised that I couldn’t grow my business further without developing a website, I began looking for a company to work with. I was looking for a simple solution to producing bespoke online surveys which would not only look professional, but also provide me with the data I needed to provide recommendations to my clients on how to improve their employee engagement. I needed a company which could produce good ideas of its own, but would work with my own ideas, while also providing me with good and honest support on what would or wouldn’t work.

I’d heard of TukTuk from previous clients of mine and I’d also worked with them on a few projects for a local printing company. As I’d heard great reviews, I decided to approach them to ask for help and advice.


What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide graphic design/marketing/website development support?

I didn’t particularly wish to liaise with a web developer as they often focus too heavily on the technical side, which can make interpreting a client’s requirements challenging! Thankfully, the TukTuk team has all the technical expertise of a web developer but understands that the needs of both the customer and business come first, before applying them to a technical solution.


How has TukTuk helped your business?

From the very beginning, I felt that the TukTuk team understood exactly what I needed and came up with a straightforward solution to my problem. They helped me to design the perfect brand for my business and have created and developed a website which meets both mine and my clients’ needs. After constructing my website, they then used the design concepts to develop my marketing materials.

As our surveys are bespoke to each of our clients, I wanted a solution that I could adapt and change, and this is exactly what I got. TukTuk supported me in the development of my surveys and, even after the job was completed, were still on hand to provide further guidance and ideas when it came to managing my clients’ needs.


TukTuk’s blend of technical knowledge and creativity and the inspiration they provided me with are the reasons I chose them to create my website – and I’m so glad I did!


How would you describe your experience working with Vicky?

TukTuk is fabulous at what it does. It offers clear advice and ideas and doesn’t look to overcomplicate things. The team want clients to be self-sufficient in managing their own websites, which was something I particularly liked about working with them. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

TukTuk’s ability to understand what I needed so quickly, its blend of technical knowledge and creativity, and the inspiration the team provided me with are the reasons I chose them to create my website – and I’m so glad I did!


Have you received feedback regarding your website/design?

A number of clients and business contacts have commented on the clean, crisp, contemporary design of the website and it’s lovely to hear from an outside perspective that, thanks to TukTuk, I am able to portray the perfect brand to reflect who we are as a business.


Describe TukTuk and Vicky in three words

Creative, adaptable and receptive.



Kaye Massey – Listen To Your Team

Who they are

Kaye Massey is the Managing Director of Listen To Your Team; a Staffordshire-based company which designs and delivers bespoke employee engagement surveys to businesses with 25+ employees.

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