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Taking the time to get things just right: Logic Resourcing website (and bonus brand refresh!)

Logic Resourcing are a recruitment agency based in Stoke-on-Trent that matches brilliant businesses with ideal candidates. They wanted a website that reflected their mission and values, so they turned to TukTuk Creative Marketing.

Managing Partner Lee Quoroll shares his experience of working with the team, including how a new website led to an unexpected brand refresh.

The only thing that we knew we wanted was a website with more personality – but we didn’t know yet what that would look like.

In the recruitment industry, it’s easy to lean into cliches and tell customers what you think they want to hear. You’ll see messages like “We will save you time!”, or “We are open and honest!”, but they don’t really mean anything.

We wanted a website through which customers could get to know the team and really understand what we’re about. That’s exactly what Vicky and her writer, Gen delivered.


A planning meeting that actually… fun?

Sometimes when you go to these planning meetings, you end up filling in forms and answering really boring questions. With Vicky and Gen, it was literally just a chat; it all felt really easy.

Over about 2 hours and a few cups of tea, we talked about our business. We chatted about what we wanted from the website, what we do, our ethos, our personalities… everything!

And from just that conversation, Vicky managed to extract all the information needed to design and complete the site.


Saving clients from the ‘detail quagmire’

It sounds a bit cheesy, but working with Vicky was like a breath of fresh air.

I’m particularly motivated by big ideas, which means I’m less interested in details. Her briefing process removed any need for me or Steve – Logic’s other Managing Partner – and me to get bogged down by detail.

Vicky managed to keep two people with really short attention spans engaged, without making us wade through details. And she still made sure that she got what was needed.


“It’s not quite right – but I don’t know why!”

When Vicky and Gen presented us with the first full draft of the website, it looked great – but something didn’t quite look right for me.

While Vicky had closely delivered on the original brief we’d given her, there was something I wasn’t happy with – but I couldn’t really articulate why.

One thing both Vicky and Gen were always very, very clear about is that it’s got to be perfect. Vicky was really patient and wanted to know what we thought. “Don’t overthink it,” she’d say, “just tell me what you’re thinking.”


Saying goodbye to green

Eventually, we realised that my issue was the branding and the colours, rather than the website itself.

I’ve always had in the back of my head that the green in our original brand palette was quite scientific and clinical. When I saw it splashed across this new website, I couldn’t deny it anymore – so we began a bit of a visual rebrand.


We began bouncing ideas off each other and seeing how they worked on the page.

Vicky was so receptive to any changes, alterations, or tweaks we wanted. We began bouncing ideas off each other and seeing how they worked on the page.

Her responsiveness was how we landed on our new visual branding.

“It was a journey to get to where we are now”

While I love the brand palette we have now, if Vicky had designed the website right from the word ‘go’ with the colours we ended up with, I would’ve been shocked.

I love the purples and blues we have now, but if I’d seen them in that first drafts I’d have been like, “What are you on about?!”.

It was almost like a journey to get to where we are now. It took a few rounds of edits and going back and forth to find what we ended up with.


Collaborative, in-person feedback

I’ll admit, writing emails back and forth isn’t my strong suit. Apart from the time it takes, it’s hard to get your exact point across via email.

It was Vicky’s suggestion that she come to the office and sit down with us to capture feedback. It certainly helped speed the process up – plus, I think Vicky realised that she got better feedback when we were face to face!

We got to the point where it felt like a genuine collaboration; like we were all working on it together. It meant I wasn’t worried about giving feedback because it felt like a joint decision.

And because of her approach, I think Vicky encouraged a bit of creativity from me as well!


“Being able to grab a coffee and have a laugh”

The website redesign has had a much wider impact than expected – it has literally been a complete colour rebrand on top of a brand-new website.

Vicky knew exactly what we were after and what we’re about. She’s captured not just what we do, but our personalities and how we do it as well.

On a personal note, I’ve really enjoyed working with Vicky and Gen. Being able to grab a coffee and just have a bit of a laugh while you’re working on something like this is important.

I think that approach also gets the best out of us and ultimately, the best overall end results for the project, too.


“It was a journey to get to where we are now”


Lee’s highlights

What Lee loved about the new Logic Resourcing website:

  • The little subtle touches pull everything together – the blue and purple fading into green really pops!
  • The website blends marketing and customer journey fantastically.
  • It’s a lot easier to navigate around and everything links together.
  • The ‘about us‘ section really captures our personality and shows off our new photography.
  • The website doesn’t just look nice, it’s actually super functional as well.
Who are they?

They are an intuitive recruitment agency connecting top-tier talent with the very best businesses across, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

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