Why Your Website Needs To Evolve

Plants need key things to live - so do websites

Why Your Website Needs To Evolve

It happens all too often … a brand new website takes centre stage only to have the limelight switched off a couple of weeks later. Your website needs to evolve to attract customers, maintain visitors and ensure security – for your company and your website visitors.

Imagine this – if your website was a book never read, it would gather dust. The sun’s rays may fade its vibrant imagery or a dark damp environment cause mould or paper curling. It won’t take long before cobwebs cover the surface, obscuring visibility, and if you’re unlucky, book mites or silverfish may attack the once pristine pages.


Software updates

A website needs regular updates for smooth operation. In the same way your computer reminds you of a Microsoft or Java script update, your website software – the structure and platform on which is was built – needs regular updates to prevent the dust from gathering.

Website updates improve security features and adapt to the demands of visitors and the devices used to view your website. Installing every update will prevent risk associated with graphical themes and features not working because of incompatibility issues.

Did you know that around 24% of all businesses experienced a security violation or attack in 2016 according to the UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey? Such a breach costs an average expense of £2620 with figures rising as the business size increases.

One of the main causes of infringement, aside from human error, is a hacker finding vulnerabilities in a site that has not been updated to the latest theme version. Further risk is apparent when a website is linked to CRM (customer relationship management) system, shopping platform and accounting system.

As well as the main software updates for your websites, it’s important to regularly check feature plugins and site add-ons that enhance visitor experience. Features such as contact forms, reviews, calendars, links to social media profiles and external sites.

Aging features or those requiring updates could fail and are extremely vulnerable to security breaches. They also provide a poor experience for visitors. If something won’t load on a page it’s frustrating for a visitor and they won’t hang around for long. It could cost you an enquiry – would you ever know?


Keep a close eye on contact details

It’s easily done but there’s no excuse for failing to keep contact details up-to-date. Should a business move, change a telephone number or email address then your website needs to be updated immediately. Check every page because this may not only apply to the contact page.


Fresh content

Search engines love changing websites. If your local cinema showed one movie constantly, how many times would you stop by? If your website has nothing new to show the search engines, each time their minions (or spiders) pass by, how long before they stop checking you out? Not long.

Regular website updates should include new content in the form of fresh blog articles, modernising your main pages with new imagery and news about products, services and your team. Add in current offers and events that may take place.


Spread the love

Testimonials are golden for websites and the perception they generate. Gathering feedback from customers in the form of written and video reviews should be part of your marketing strategy. These recommendations should be added to your website on a specific page or placement (to encourage an enquiry or sale) or through an integrated ratings application. Let others spread the love about your business and in turn, gain enhanced credibility in the eyes of visitors and search engines.


A final thought

It may be that you’re reading this article and haven’t worked with TukTuk creative Marketing before. If so, we encourage you to check that your website has been updated to comply with the GDPR requirements. Read more about it here  but in a nutshell, you need:

  • A contact form that does not store personal data on the website
  • A terms of use and conditions document
  • A cookies policy
  • A privacy policy
  • An SSL certification
  • Your site to be mobile responsive

It’s a bit technical but a website needs to be checked for rogue links that no longer work to internal pages and external sites. It’s a small, overlooked element but exasperating for visitors.


Don’t let your website be left on the shelf

Here at TukTuk Creative Marketing we don’t believe in leaving anything to chance. Starting from only £35 per quarter you can hand over the responsibility of your WordPress website updates to us. We can even dust off the cobwebs and tackle the bugs to reveal that shiny first edition once again – with a few modern edits added.

To talk about a monthly package that will ensure your website remains updated, secure and fresh send an email today and sign up to our monthly hints and tips for your website.