It’s good to talk – so why not add a chat bot to your website?

Website user engaging in website chat

It’s good to talk – so why not add a chat bot to your website?

This year has seen us install website chat on quite a few websites for clients who want to add another channel of support to their customers and potential customers.

It’s great if your business is looking to sell more products or to convert more traffic from their website.

Online chat means you are able to communicate right there and then when a user is trying to find information.

By engaging instantly with website viewers you are able to get over how easy you are to deal with and what service level you can offer.

But it’s not all about the instant message where you need to respond instantly – you can also use a chat bot to answer questions or carry out tasks automatically.

One of our favorite uses is using the website chat bot to allow customers to request a call back.

The bot can even recognise returning visitors on e-commerce websites and offer them a discount to get them to hit the buy now button.

Online chat can be installed on any WordPress website from as little as £150, you can see and reply to messages on your phone or iPad and you can tell it your office hours so that you don’t have to reply 24 hours a day.

Get in touch via my chat bot bottom right if you want to dicuss if online chat is right for your business.