What can your business learn from a great dating profile and how it can influence your website? 

Miss-matched couple who met online via a dating app

What can your business learn from a great dating profile and how it can influence your website? 

Reading the dating profile of a perfect match will leave you smiling – meeting them face to face and realising you have been completely lied to will leave you disappointed and disheartened.

A really great match is when a virtual profile is standing in front of you and you’re wondering what you are missing.


Ok, but how does that relate to my business?

Often referred to as your shop window, we like to think of your website more like a Tinder profile.

It is likely to be one of the first things a potential client sees, and there is a lot of pressure to make a great first impression.

Maybe you have never had the joy of swiping right and the world of online dating has passed you by. But, if you have, then you will remember all too well trying to select the right profile image.

Maybe more so, you remember the profiles with a headshot actually taken 20 years ago, or the one of them playing tennis while their profile goes on to say they hate sport.

So, often even the perfect match’s profile doesn’t get viewed due to the first impression.


Don’t be that business with the dodgy profile shot (or design)

Like that infamous dating profile, sometimes it can be good to seek feedback from friends or, in our case, clients.

Ask them the question: “When you look at our website does it represent us?”

If you are not ready to go public, you may already have the answer. Take a moment to write down ten key words that you would want your clients to say about you and your team. Now visit your website and tick off the words that are reflected in your website.

Most of the time radical action is not needed. To make your personality shine it could be as simple as a fresh hair cut or better lighting – or as we call it, a website refresh.


As the old saying goes people buy people

Your website doesn’t have to be filled with multiple pictures of you; this could be a bit try-hard as they say.

However, unfortunately for you, a website will never quite be like a first date or chatting over a strong cup of coffee. But you can give viewers a great impression of what your business believes, what your dreams are and who you have previously worked with that they may know to help build up your credibility.


There’s plenty more fish in the sea

While the job of a website is to attract new clients, maybe just as important is to get readers to self-select themselves.

This comes in two ways:

  1. Self-select in: With what they read they feel confident that you have the solution.
  2. Self-select out: They realise that they are not the right client for you. This could be due to them not being in the right sector, not wanting to pay what you’re worth, not being at the right point in the journey, or simply knowing that you are not the right fit for them.

After all, if the phone rings or your email pings it’s far more efficient to sell to someone who thinks you could be a match made in heaven for them. By people self-selecting out it leaves you free to deal with more people self-selecting in.


Love at first ‘site’

To get the best hits from cupid’s arrows, or as you may know him Google, your website needs to woo.

The right formula for this comes down to more than aesthetics and amazingly written content.

For the best chemistry, you need to think about the journey you want viewers to take and drive them to get in touch or swipe right.

A great site map is crucial, not only do you want to show the solutions you have but you also want to show you can solve their pains and problems.


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