Planet VR

About This Project


What we did…

Ian and the team at Planet VR approached us early in the conception of Staffordshire’s Premier VR arcade Planet VR. We were able to create a brand logo, signage, social media templates, and their website.

With the building not even started at the time of creation, we had a fairly blank canvas. The result is a really modern site that integrates with the booking system and allows the client to make all of the changes that they require.



Why did you choose TukTuk?

We have worked with Vicky previously and have been massively impressed with her work.


…the website is easy to use and visually pleasing.


What were your concerns when you were choosing a company to provide website design and development?

Quality of the finished product.


What feedback have you had about your website or designs?

Only positive feedback, the website is easy to use and visually pleasing.


What could have been done differently?

No COVID period.


Describe TukTuk and Vicky in three words

Attentive, Positive, Creative


Planet VR

What it is

Planet VR is Staffordshire’s largest virtual reality gaming centre, with over 100 VR and gaming experiences, suitable for all ages. It uses the latest technology to create adrenaline filled journeys, enchanting adventures and challenging puzzles.

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Branding, Graphic Design, Web design