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TukTuk Creative Marketing provided Office Prime Supplies with website creation and design to create a sister website, Office Prime Solutions. A detailed brochure site, Office Prime Solutions leverages synergies with suppliers and was created to complement Matthew’s original website. The introduction of a second site has enabled him to display the solutions, in addition to the supplies, that his business can provide to other company directors.


Why did you choose TukTuk?

Stationery, office furniture and business essentials are all key to running a successful, well-run company. Without them, everything grinds to a halt. Yet engaging business leaders in a conversation about the contents of their stationery cupboards or the chairs they and their employees sit on is really difficult. Unless something has gone terribly wrong, the chances are that it’s simply not top of the priority list for most company owners.



Working with the TukTuk team was one of the most painless and intuitive website development projects I have ever been involved with – and I’ve been involved with many during my career. ”


I offer more than 20,000 products, which can be a little overwhelming if clients are looking for a specific item. Rather than simply finding what it is they’re looking for and then continuing with their day, I want my clients to see the variety I can provide and how I can make their lives easier. Why would you want to search through several different websites when you can find everything you need in one place? I therefore decided that I needed to shine a spotlight on some of the more consultative elements that I offer – the ‘solutions’ I offer to complement the ‘supplies’. And the best way to do that? A new website!

As part of the same BforB business networking group as company director Vicky Stanaway, when I began thinking about the company I wanted to produce the site, there was only one option for me – TukTuk Creative Marketing.


What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide website design and development?

As I already have a rapport with, and know, like and trust Vicky, I had no reservations in asking her and her team to work on my new website. I knew that they would listen to my ideas, suggest their own and ensure that it matched and complemented the existing Office Prime Supplies site. Our existing connection and understanding of each other’s companies meant that we flew from initial business requirements gathering into the first phase of development and onto User Acceptance Testing (UAT) very quickly.



How has TukTuk helped your business?

The website for Office Prime Solutions needed to appear as the second half of Office Prime Supplies and the connection between the two had to be apparent. The TukTuk team exceeded my expectations to ensure that the two websites complemented each other seamlessly.



How would you describe your experience working with TukTuk?

Working with the TukTuk team was one of the most painless and intuitive website development projects I have ever been involved with – and I’ve been involved with many during my career. It was incredibly refreshing to work with developers who understood the strategic drivers behind a project and delivered exactly what was needed, often without being asked.



Describe TukTuk in three words.

Digital marketing ninja!


Matthew Dashper-Hughes – Office Prime Solutions

Who they are

Who They Are
Office Prime Supplies is an online store which stocks everything a company owner needs to keep their organisation running smoothly. From pens, paper and printers to soap, shredding, and stepladders, it offers both consultative and practical services.

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