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About This Project

What we did

TukTuk has provided Mark with a website reskin design, social media graphics, business cards, and ‘For Sale’ board design, as well as overseeing the process of a brand and company name redesign. A more professional and corporate design has allowed Mark to increase the average property price requested for his clients and, as a result, he now wins more properties.


Why did you choose TukTuk?

In January 2016, I attended a networking event where I met Vicky. She gave a presentation on TukTuk and the services she provided, and I knew within minutes that I wanted to work with her. Vicky spoke about being an advocate for offering the personal touch in business. I liked her ethos and the way she spoke about both her business and her clients. I pride myself on offering both a professional and personal service to every client in my own business, so I felt that Vicky was someone I could relate to.

What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide graphic design and marketing support?

Before I met Vicky, I was in a bit of a quandary. Not only was I looking to outsource my website, branding and social media graphics, but I was also in the very early stages of changing my company name and needed support with the process and promotion of this.

When I first launched the business, I did most of the work on my website, branding and graphics myself, with a little help from friends. It was a good way to get myself off the ground initially, but it very quickly became difficult to stay on top of, especially as I wanted it all to look professional and remain consistent with my brand message. Once I realised that I needed to outsource my graphics and website design, I started meeting with a few local agencies, but none of them had felt like the right ‘fit’.


How has TukTuk helped your business?

When Vicky and I first started working together, I was in the early stages of changing the name and design of my business from iHome For Sale to Mark Buxton Estate Agents. Vicky provided guidance and support on the different aspects of branding we would need to amend (or redo completely!), offered her expertise on various ideas I had, and saw everything through from start to finish. She thought about the methods and marketing ideas behind every single step of the process and worked as hard and diligently for me as I’m sure she would have done for the same job on her own business.

Due to her hard work, my branding is the same on every piece of documentation relating to Mark Buxton Estate Agents, and the colour is consistent whether you look at my business card, my social media posts, or my website. Vicky goes far beyond the traditional services of a graphic designer.


How would you describe your experience working with Vicky?

I’ve always felt that Vicky and I can talk freely to one another and this was confirmed when she helped me to change my company name.  I told her about the reasons behind my desire to change it from iHome For Sale to Mark Buxton Estate Agents and explained that I would need a hand to promote it. I had no idea where to start! Vicky took my ideas on board and I was incredibly impressed with the results. She did a lot of research on my competitors, focusing on what worked on their websites and what didn’t work quite so well. She instantly grasped what it was I was trying to achieve and how I wanted it to look.


Have you received feedback regarding your website/design?

I am delighted with the final design and the new look of my website. It looks more professional than it did before, and my clients seem to like it just as much as I do!


Describe Vicky and TukTuk in three words

Personable, driven and professional.


Mark Buxton – Mark Buxton Estate Agents

Who they are

Mark Buxton is the Managing Director of Mark Buxton Estate Agents, an independent estate agency based in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Mark sells homes based in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and the surrounding areas.

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