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What we did…

Staffordshire Personal trainer Dave Campbell was just about to launch Eivissa Health and Fitness when he reached out about needing a new website with a bespoke client management solution.

After doing some research, we advised him to look at some of the SaaS systems that were already made so that he got the functionality that he required without a large upfront cost.  With a bespoke system there would also be ongoing costs as his business grew and he wanted to develop the platform. However, with the solution he selected, all of the updates are done and he gets more functionality than he was initially hoping.

With an amazing logo created we worked with website copywriter Anna Woolliscroft of Market Avenue to plan out the website and craft a beautifully looking site that was written to help potential clients feel at ease about using a personal trainer.

The WooCommerce website store integrates with the PT platform so that every time a new order comes the customer is automatically set up and emails are generated to welcome the new client.

The website is not just broken down into the different types of training that Eivissa offers but it also looks at why you might want to train for example weight loss, injury recovery or a sporting event. This allows Eivissa to speak directly to the user about what their challenges may be and the issues that brought them to the website.

Once the website was live we also worked together to create some eBooks that could be used for lead generation and to help current clients.


Dave Campbell of Eivissa Health and Fitness had this to say about their new website:

Vicky, what can I say! Your support has been nothing short of incredible. From building out my rather large website and making it simply amazing, through to all your advice and guidance with blogs, marketing, ebooks the list is endless. Anyone looking to work with Vicky and the Team and at TukTuk Creative Marketing will be on to a winner.

Extremely responsive, very professional and the quality of the work is impeccable.

Highly recommend and looking forward to our future projects!


Eivissa Health and Fitness

Who are they?

Eivissa Health & Fitness was born out of a desire to match tailored fitness programmes and scientific nutrition with a holistic approach to discovering a habit-forming and longer journey to complete body and mind wellbeing.

eBook, Graphic Design, Web design