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TukTuk Creative Marketing provided Bright Butterfly with a website reskin design, social media graphics and idea generation. This has allowed Jo to present her services more clearly to potential clients so that they can develop a better understanding of her services, as well as reducing the time she spends searching for suitable social media imagery.


Reflecting on the website design project Jo Cook from Bright Butterfly said:

Why did you choose TukTuk?

I first met TukTuk at a Connects Network event, before meeting the team again through Business for Breakfast (BforB). I felt quite quickly that I just connected with them. They understood exactly what I wanted and supported my thinking and goals. I have now been working with TukTuk for a year and it has been a pleasure working alongside them.


 TukTuk is an incredibly easy company to work with; nothing is too much trouble, no idea is discredited and there is an integrity which is refreshing to work with”



What were your concerns when choosing a company to provide graphic design, marketing and website development support?

When viewing my previous website, a few potential clients were still left feeling a little unsure of the services I offered and how a transformational life coach differs from a counsellor or therapist. As soon as you mention BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) or hypnotherapy, some people can be a little sceptical, so I needed to work with a company that could easily connect to my brand and understand what it was I wanted to achieve.

I wanted a company that was different, that could provide designs and ideas that were unique to me, that were easy to work with and that could make things simple – for both me and my clients!


How has TukTuk helped your business?

TukTuk has redesigned my website, making it more stable and clear to the end-user, as well as giving it a fresh new look. It has been a great experience. They provided graphics, inspiration and a lot of guidance and support. Not only from the design side, but they got everything just how I wanted it and always followed up on anything we discussed. It has been an easy and pleasurable journey to see the transformation they have made. I always felt in safe hands and it meant so much to know that I would finally have a website that was both user-friendly and looked great.

I was also spending a lot of time on Canva, looking for suitable pictures which I could use for my social media content. TukTuk worked with me to create several templates so that I can easily change the content or image dependent on the message I’m trying to convey to potential clients. They have saved me a lot of time and provided me with more time to focus on other aspects of my business.


How would you describe your experience working with TukTuk Creative Marketing?

TukTuk has been supportive of my business in many ways. Not only by doing what they do best in providing creative solutions, but also offering sound, practical advice, and a seamless service. TukTuk is an incredibly easy company to work with; nothing is too much trouble, no idea is discredited and there is an integrity which is refreshing to work with. Knowing that the team upholds the same morals and principles as myself meant that trusting them to do the right things for my business was easy.

TukTuk go out of their way to ensure their client’s objectives are met, providing ideas and ways forward. They listen and advise and, when needed, can help clients to take a step in the right direction. I have been impressed with their level of understanding concerning my business and the solutions they have suggested to support it. I see TukTuk as a vital team member of Bright Butterfly.


Describe TukTuk Creative Marketing in three words.

Comfortable, enjoyable and journey.


Jo Cook – Bright Butterfly Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Who they are

Jo Cook is Bright Butterfly; a transformational life coach who uses psychological techniques and methodologies to stop negative patterns of thinking and feeling to help her clients create the life they want to live.

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