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TukTuk Creative Marketing has provided Banish The Crows with website creation and design, development of the brand and guidance on a company name redesign. As a result, Jeremy’s website is now competitive within his industry and provides clients with an insight into the person they will be meeting during their counselling sessions. For many clients, this provides great comfort.



Why did you choose TukTuk?

When I decided to launch my business mid last year, I spoke to a few different associates and asked whether they could recommend any local website designers. TukTuk had recently created a website for one of my contacts who was delighted with the results. In fact, the testimonial I received was so positive that I didn’t feel the need to look at any other design agencies! Having seen TukTuk’s portfolio, I needed no further persuading that they were the company I wanted to work with.

I liked that TukTuk was local, a small enterprise, flexible and unpressured in their approach. I also liked the company name and its branding concept. I wanted to work with a company that were both listeners and communicators. A group of creative individuals who could produce their own dynamic ideas while also receiving and working with my own, even if this was to challenge or discount them. Having met the team, I felt that I would be able to trust them, which was of great importance to me when picking a website designer.


What were your concerns when choosing a graphic designer to work on the design and development of your website?

As a small business owner, passing control of something that you have worked so hard to create to someone else is a daunting prospect. I was initially worried that I would lose control over artistic decisions surrounding the website or that my views and ideas wouldn’t be listened to.

The cost of creating and developing a website also concerned me. Start-ups often don’t have a lot of cash to spare at the beginning of their journey, so price point was something that I paid close attention to when I started asking around for recommendations. I needn’t have worried about any of these issues. TukTuk kept me informed on each development and stage of the design, regularly asked for feedback (and listened to it) and were very competitively priced.



The design is incredibly striking, and I feel that, as a result, my work stands out more within my industry. This is down to the expertise of the team”


How did TukTuk help on the magazine?

When I approached TukTuk to work on my website, I had already used graphic designers/illustrators and a local photographer to help create my brand iconography and company identity. This meant that I could approach the team with a rough brief of what I wanted. Working on a blank canvas can often be easier than picking up a pre-existing theme, but TukTuk brought all the strands together to create a seamless design.

When TukTuk and I first met, I was in the process of setting up and originally had a different company name in mind, Imagine. Vicky and I spoke about the connotations of the name and it was due to her guidance that I decided to reconsider. After a few mind-mapping sessions, I chose to switch the name to Banish The Crows – and now I can’t imagine calling my business anything else!

TukTuk has created a site which truly reflects my values. The team listened to my ideas, wants and needs and the resulting design has achieved my aims. I wanted something that reflected me, both personally and professionally, so that my clients know who they will be meeting and what they can expect when we first meet. I believe the website does this. The design is incredibly striking, and I feel that, as a result, my work stands out more within my industry. This is down to the expertise of the team.



How would you describe your experience of working with Vicky?

Flexing my ideas and then seeing them brought to life by the team was an incredibly rewarding experience.



Have you received feedback regarding your website?

I’ve received lots of positive feedback from clients and friends, both on the styling of the website and its content. One of the most common comments is that the website reflects me – which luckily was one of my key aims!


Describe TukTuk and Vicky in three words

Flexible, enabling and supportive.


Jeremy Boughey – Banish The Crows

Who They Are

Banish The Crows is the brainchild of independent counsellor and psychotherapist Jeremy Boughey. Based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, the practice offers short-term counselling, longer-term therapy and existential coaching

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