How To Delete A User From Your WordPress Site

Add a new user on Wordpress

How To Delete A User From Your WordPress Site

We are going to be writing a series of blogs to show you how to get started on WordPress. These will be designed to help you with basic administration to help you gain confidence and experience in using the system now your site has gone live.

This week we will show you how to  delete a user from your WordPress site. This may be necessary if you have a staff member leave your business or their role changes within the business for example.

  • Login and visit dashboard.
  • On the left hand side click users
  • Navigate to User that you would like to delete.
  • Click the delete button under their username.

In the next blog, we will look at how to add a blog to your WordPress site. You can use blogs to share what is going on in your business, talk about important current issues or tell your customers about a new product or service for example.

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